How To Clean Your Laptop Screen (Properly)

There is nothing worse than a laptop display that has smudges and fingerprints all over it. Although getting a 17 inch laptop with a big screen is a very good choice, and most of these laptops have beautifully detailed screens, these can get pretty dirty. Maybe you left your laptop open for a long period of time and it got dusty, maybe while opening it, you accidentally touched the screen and left some greasy fingerprints on it.

Ever had that moment when a relative, friend or someone wanted to show you something on your laptop, and while doing so, they touched the screen telling you where to click? Yeah, me too. That is the worst feeling that you can get. Or if you have a touchscreen laptop, that can get even worse.

No matter what happened to your laptop screen, this guide will help you clean your display without causing any damage or scratches.

The best thing about these newer displays is that they withstand more than the older TFT screens. You don’t have to worry about breaking it, just by applying a little pressure on the display. It is simply because most of the displays are designed to have a touch functionality.

If you have glasses, you probably encountered this. The easiest fix for this is getting a microfiber cloth , because it is designed for cleaning delicate surfaces.  The good thing about this cloth is that you can use it for cleaning literally anything that needs special handling. Camera lens, glasses, phone screens can be cleaned of dust with that cloth. Because it’s soft, it won’t damage or leave scratches.

If you have been thinking about using a paper towel or a tissue for cleaning your laptop’s screen, just forget about it. These are pretty rough, and can easily damage the display and leave marks on it, not speaking about leaving behind their own litter.

First Step: Get a pack of microfiber cloth. If you have one for your glasses or phone, that can work too. Just make sure they are designed for laptop screens, glasses or cameras.

Second Step: Make sure your laptop is off. By having a black screen, you will see the dust you need to remove easier.

Third Step: Grab your cloth, and start cleaning the screen. Apply gentle pressure, and wipe in one direction. Make sure you don’t go in circles since that just moves the dust around.

Fourth Step: Continue until your screen is dust free.

What about cleaning dirty, grimy screens?

There will be cases when something dried on your screen, or is just simply more than dust. Unfortunately, using microfiber only is not going to do the job and it going to dirty it at the same time. You will need to use a damp sponge to get that dirt off.

You will need to get a completely new household sponge and deionized or distilled water. Make sure you don’t use tap water, because the minerals in it can actually damage your display. Just simply use water that has been filtered.

First Step: Unplug your laptop, remove the battery and make sure it is turned off. You don’t want to do this cleaning while the laptop is on.

Second Step: Wet the sponge with the ionized water we have mentioned, and twist it so it doesn’t drip.

Third Step: Wipe your monitor’s screen gently with the moist sponge and watch out for any drips. Make sure no fluid get’s on your keyboard or your speaker holes.

Fourth Step: Wait a few minutes, until your screen is dry. Don’t close the lid or use your machine until it is completely dry.

Oily or Sticky stuff? Ewww

To clean oily and sticky dirt, you will need more than water. You will need to make or buy cleaning solutions. It is pretty easy to buy screen-cleaning sprays from Amazon, and pretty often you can find nice deals for a whole kit what comes with a fibre cloth.

But if you want, you can make your own cleaning solution, by mixing equal parts of white vinegar and ionized water. Make sure you stay away from using any window cleaning sprays. Also, don’t spray any solution directly on the screen, or any part of your machine.

First Step: Make your laptop is shut down, unplugged from the power source and the battery is disconnected.

Second Step: Put some of the solution on your microfiber cloth, but make sure it’s only damp, and not wet.

Third Step: Gently rub in circles on the affected area on your screen, don’t apply too much pressure since that can damage your screen.

Fourth Step: Wait until the screen dries up, repeat the third step if your screen is still dirty. Make sure you don’t close the lid until it is completely dry.

The Top 10 Best Laptop Backpacks for Women

Finding a feminine and good looking laptop backpack for women is not an easy task, especially nowadays, where a lot of brands only seem to be throwing out unisex laptop backpacks on the market.

Although I’m a man, I get your problems ladies. It is so hard to choose the right bag! It has to look stylish, it has to be comfortable and it needs to have a lot of pockets for your essentials, at least more than we man do need.

The “Women Laptop Backpack” title may seem like marketing trick developed by these companies, but most of the times it isn’t. Of course, there are brands who are trying to sell unisex rucksacks as women laptop backpacks, but we have created this list to make sure you don’t get lost in the jungle of Amazon while trying to choose the right laptop backpack for yourself.

We have included laptop backpacks from different price ranges so you can be sure you will find something that fits your budget and needs at the same time.

Choosing the right laptop backpack as a woman is a very hard task indeed. Will it hold all of my stuff, does it fit my laptop? Is it good for travel? You will also have to take weight and size into consideration because not everyone likes to carry around a huge and heavy backpack. You will have to nail the color, and since these are made for women, they are smaller than usual, which makes the packing a little harder.

Keep in mind that most of these laptop backpacks are for women, so the majority of them can only hold a laptop up to 15″. If you are looking for a bigger backpack, check out my Top 10 list of 17″ inch laptop backpacks.

Since no one likes to scroll through a wall of text, here is the list of the top 10 laptop backpacks that are ideal for women. Just simply click on each one’s name to read the review, or if you already know what you are looking for, just check the price of it on Amazon.

P.MAI Premium Valletta – Professional Business Laptop Backpack for Women

Finding a bussines laptop backpack for women is not an easy task, especially if you are looking for something that stands out. Well, the Premium Valletta is the best choice if you are looking for something that is professional, and is a premium product.

Most business women carry around their accessories and beauty product in messenger bags, which let’s be honest, can be bad for your spine, if you are planning to do it for a long time.

Most backpacks are either for man, or they are unisex and not good looking enough to carry around and call it a business backpack.

The overall quality of the Premium Valletta is really premium, it’s simply amazing. The leather on the bag does not damage easily, and it’s soft.

The other parts of the bag are made out of nylon, which is very good quality, it almost gives the Valletta a sturdy, luggage kind of feeling.

Although the Valletta is pretty small and has a minimalist design, don’t let its size fool you. It has a ton of space, and the laptop case can fit a 15″ inch laptop easily.

The Valletta is dressy and comfortable at the same time. It’s got a handle on the top of the bag. The shoulder straps are very comfortable, with padding. The back of the Valletta is also cushioned.

The structure and shape of these bags are magnificent. It easily stands upright, does not collapse like other cheaper bags.

All of the pockets are secured by extra durable zippers. These aren’t your usual plastic zippers, that break after two months. Also, the main compartment has a magnet on the top, keeping your luggage secure, so it can’t unzip itself.

Many people think, that these professional woman backpacks don’t have enough space, and they are wrong. The Valletta has a ton of space and a lot of organization options. Of course, it can’t hold three days of clothing, but it’s not made to do. It’s made to hold everything you need for your work.

The main compartment is protected by a flap, which is a very cool feature that many bags miss.

On it, there is a zippered place, for your cards, keys or peripherals that you need to carry to work.

The main compartment features padded laptop pocket, that can hold any laptop up to 15 inches (usual business laptop size), and has a ton of organizational pockets.

There is a bigger space where you can put any documents folders, with a bottle holder for your average sized beverage.

Two pockets on the inside give you the option to organize your pens, beauty products, cards and flash drives. There is a zippered compartment, and a case as well, which are great for your documents.

All in all, this is a great premium laptop backpack for women, if you want to look stylish and professional at the same time.

Vera Bradley Campus Tech – The Classy Women’s Laptop Backpack

Although the Vera Bradley Campus Tech is listed as a classic backpack, it still holds ground today. This awesome and cool looking laptop backpack is made of a soft material, plus it’s quilted throughout the whole bag, which gives it a very nice look.

This laptop bag for women comes in a lot of colors, you can choose out of a lot of colors and designs on Amazon.

Again, this bag is a smaller one, but don’t let the size fool you, it has got a ton zippers pockets on it.

On the laptop backpack, there is a pocket, which got plenty of space for your accessories, like beauty essentials or any tiny item.

The next zipper sleeve on the bag is located above the previously mentioned one, and it has a very nice opening, you can almost fold it open fully by unzipping it. There are several slip sleeves located on the inside of this pocket, which can help keep your toys, pens or other accessories in check. It’s got a transparent ID window as well, if you are a student, this can come in pretty handy.

After that comes the main part, which has the biggest space in the bag. There is tons of room in there, it has plenty of space for everything you might be carrying. There are two interior slip sleeves in it, which can hold notebooks, or cards as well.

The next, most important part of the laptop backpack is the laptop sleeve. This laptop pocket is also zippered, and it is very nicely cushioned on the front and the back. You can fit any laptop or tablet up to 17 inches in this laptop backpack for women. This can also hold any fragile luggage you might be carrying around, or some documents and a tablet. Wouldn’t  recommend only putting in a tablet, because there are no straps to hold it down.

There are also two pockets on each side of the back, which can carry your drinks or any beverages.

The handle of the bag is pretty nice and makes it easy to carry. The shoulder straps are adjustable, and they could have used more padding.

For this price range, I would have expected a little more quality on the zippers, but overall it’s a fine bag.

The North Face Women’s Borealis Backpack – The Giant Laptop Backpack for Women

Looking for a stlyish women laptop backpack that can hold all your gear? Settle down, you have found it.

This bag a ton of space. And I mean like really a TON. There is no way you won’t fit everything in this bag that you need to carry around, may it be travel or hiking.

On the front of the bag, there is an easy access zippered sleeve for you beauty items, sunglasses or your phone, although I wouldn’t put my phone in there.

The guys at The North Face really think about your safety. They want you to be safe even if you are traveling at night, so they added 360 degrees reflectivity on the bag. There are reflective points on the front of the bag, on the side pockets and on the straps as well.

The Borealis has two water bottle pockets on each side, which are not see through, so you can safely carry your shades, or keys in there as well. They are also stretched, which makes it feel very secure.

The main part of this women laptop backpack is padded and can hold up laptops or notebooks up to 15 inches.  Here comes the good part. To make your laptop secure, the laptop hammock in the bag is raised off the ground, so even if you drop your bag, you don’t have to worry about breaking your laptop.

Behind the laptop sleeve, there is a hydration sleeve with a hose coming out. If you ask me, this is not the best solution, because there may be droplets of water getting on your laptop that can cause harm.

The secondary slot of the women laptop bags is huge as well. First of all, there is a cushioned, fleece lined tablet sleeve that will keep your tablet or notebook secure. There are also  sleeves for your smaller items, like keys, phones, electronics, card. It’s very easy to organize your essentials and accessories in this bag. In this sleeve, you will find cord keepers as well, which are really nice.

The straps of the backpack have been clearly designed for women. The flexible suspension technology of the backpack has been designed to perfectly fit a women’s body, while it’s still comfortable and breathable.

The padding on the back is pretty neat, the lumbar area is extra cushioned, where you beautiful women have a natural S curve.

The only thing that I didn’t like about this bag is that it’s pretty heavy and hard even unloaded. The bag is big as well, so if you are looking for a women laptop backpack, this might not be the ideal one for you.

OSPREY Women’s Fairview – For Travelling

OSPREY’s ultimate laptop backpack the Fairpoint was a great success, but it was clearly designed and aimed at the men. That is why the minds at OSPREY decided to make a Women’s edition of the Fairpoint, this is Fairview.

The outside of the bag looks very similar to the Fairpoint. They both have the same compression straps going across the front and the bottom of the pack. These straps are not only for compression, these could also be used to secure any accessories you like, to the outside of the pack.

If you like to attach accessories to your laptop bags, this is your baby. There are many gear attachment points on the front of the bag, in the form of loops.

The OSPREY Women’s Fairview comes with two very sturdy handles, there is one at the side of the bag, and one on the top.

The Detachable daypack is what makes this women’s laptop bag so awesome. It is attached to the main pack by a zipper, but you don’t have to worry about it unzipping accidentally because there is a small clip at the very end of the zipper that stops it.

This is basically like a little backpack, on your bigger backpack. But hence the size, it is loaded with features. There is a scratch proof pocket on the front for your beauty gadgets, electronics or sunglasses. In the front, there are two very large water bottle sleeves as well.

The main space can be locked with a travel lock. Inside, there is a zippered padded pouch and a laptop sleeve, secured by a velcro flap.

One little awesome feature they added is a whistle on the adjustable sternum strap of this daypack. The clips on the shoulder straps allow you to attach the daypack to the front of the Fairway so it can be in front of you when you are walking.

So, in itself, the daypack has a lot of features and could compete with some women’s laptop backpack, but let’s see what the main pack is capable of.

In the main compartment of the Fairview there are two internal compression straps, keeping your accessories in place, and compact at the same time. There is also a zippered mesh pocket on the flap, you can use this to organize your things.

The harness of this backpack is fairly technical, and it is stowaway. The back panel is cushioned and contoured to hug your back. The hip belt of the bag is pretty sturdy, and it is adjustable.

The shoulder straps are curved a little differently, to better fit the female figure.

I haven’t found anything that I disliked in this bag, maybe only it’s size, because it’s pretty big. But that is only a problem for someone who wants a smaller bag.

Hedgren Kayla – The Stylish

Want a great lloking women’s laptop backpack that make people wow? The Hedgren Kayla is a very good choice for you then.

The bag itself is made out of quilted high-quality nylon, with a nice touch of leather trim. The outside of the bag is durable, and water repellent, which means it will keep your accessories secure from the water. There are two carrying handles on the top, which are padded and comfortable. They come in handy when you can’t wear it on your back.

But when you can, the two adjustable shoulder straps will do their work. The shoulder straps are padded, but in my opinion, they could have added a little more padding on it. Although you won’t be carrying a ton of stuff in this bag, so weight is not really an issue, it would have been nice.

There is a bigger sleeve on the back of the laptop bag if you have any items, documents you want to keep hidden, that is the place to put them. This case is pretty big, but don’t put any oddly shaped accessories in it, else it will hurt your back.

On the front, there is a slip pocket, great for you grab-and-go items, like any beauty product, your phone or your keys.

The main case of the bag is zippered, it is very easy to open and close. On this inside, there is a padded sleeve, that can perfectly fit any laptop up to fifteen inches while keeping it secure. The second pocket is also padded, it is a notebook or tablet.

There are two zippered compartments in the main compartment as well, which will help you keep your things organized. There is plenty of room in there, for all of your essential gear.

Although the backpack is water repellent, the main compartments zipper does not close fully, so there is a little gap on either side, so rain or snow may get in.

eBags Professional Slim – Best Women’s Backpack for College

Carrying your luggage to school or college is not an easy to thing to do, especially if you don’t have the right backpack for it. Packing and organizing everything from small to bigger gear can be a nightmare if there aren’t any sleeves in your women’s backpack for school.

The eBags Professional Slim has a lot of organization, and it is great if you are traveling a lot.

The eBags Professional Slim has two carrying handles. One on the top and it also has one on the side so you can carry it like a messenger bag if you want to.

On the bottom of the bag, there is a zippered compartment, there is a hard container, which can hold your charging cables, your sunglasses or any fragile luggage you want to keep safe. It is really sturdy, it will keep your gear secure 100%. This way you can make your charging cables stay out of the way, and not make the bag look pole or weird.

This laptop backpack for women has a ton of pockets.

On the Professional Slim, there is a zippered sleeve, where you can easily store documents for your travels, your phone, or whatever you would like.

Still, at the same spot, it has a larger pocket which zips on three sides, so you can simply open it up nice and wide. In it, there is the holy grail of organization. It’s got a bunch of zippered pockets, some of them meshed, some of them are not.

There are dedicated places for your credit cards, pens, and literally anything you can think of.

On the side, there is a zippered place for your water bottle. It can hold a pretty big water bottle.

The bag itself is pretty thick and big, despite the name “Slim”.

The first main compartment has a little shelf on it, and it has a magazine pocket so you could put your papers, magazines or documents in there. You can also fit any average sized tablets in it. If you don’t like the “shelf” in there, you can easily remove it by taking out the hard container.

On the top of the rucksack, there is a dedicated and padded tablet pocket.

The laptop pocket can hold any laptop up to fifteen inches, and it has padding on the bottom, protecting your laptop from bumps. You can take that padding out, and maybe fit in a 17-inch laptop as well.

The bag of the backpack is great, it has lots of padding and changes for airflow.

The shoulder straps are padded , adjustable and detachable, but one thing i disliked about them, is that the hardware is made out of plastic.

Vera Bradley Tech Backpack – Great Design

Vera? Vera. I would bet a million dollars, that you have heard this name before.

This backpack is bold and bright, with its awesome quilted cotton design. It comes in some fun colors, so I’m sure you will find one that you absolutely love.

There is a padded handle at the top of the bag, as for most of the bags. The shoulder straps of the Vera Bradley Tech are comfortable and adjustable, and they are also cushioned.

Now, that we have cleared that it is very comfortable to carry around, let’s get to how much luggage you can carry in this backpack.

There’s tons of storage with this backpack. There are two pockets on the side, which can hold any averaged sized water bottle.

There are two zippered sleeves, these can come in handy if you need something fast, but it can easily carry your keys, documents, glasses, or anything you want to keep hidden. These can also fit diapers, wipes.

The first compartment out of the two opens up with two zipper pulls, and it is fully lined, beautifully made with stunning Vera Bradley print. On the back wall, there is a zippered compartment for your documents, cards.

This can hold anything, books, beauty products, clothes.

The second pocket of the back is a hidden laptop space, on the back. This women’s laptop backpack can comfortably hold any laptop up to 15″ inches. the laptop area is also cushioned/padded securely to protect your laptop. This opens up to the side, which makes it pretty easy to grab it.

Although it looks awesome, the fabric material might not last as long as a nylon backpack would.

The North Face Women’s Surge – Cute Laptop Backpack for Travel

Looking for a cute laptop backpack with a laptop case? Good, look no further! The Women’s Surge is great for normal communting and for traveling as well.

This backpack is made with a durable exterior and can pack a ton of luggage, as it can extend to very big.

The Surge got two carrying handles, which are comfortable and padded. There is one on the top, and there is one on the front of the bag. Both of these are very handy and can give you a lot of comforts when you need to carry your bag through security, or just because your shoulders got tired.

The shoulder straps of the backpack are women-specific and have flexible attachment points. These straps are very comfortable, with a padded interior. They were contoured to perfectly fit the women’s torso.

Almost all of the North Face bags come with a little whistle on the middle strap, which is a nice addition to the bag for travel.

Let’s look at the pockets of this bag.

The Women’s Surge can hold a 15″ inch laptop. It has a padded laptop case, and it zips all the way out so you can lay it flat if you are going through like airport security.

The second pocket is a fully open pocket, which is good for keeping your folders, books, clothes or any type of gear in while staying organized. It’s wide and can fit a lot.

The next space is the organizational pocket, which is pretty popular for these backpacks. In this, there is a padded sleeve for your average sized tablet. Below that there is a zippered pocket, with a key hook in it, this can easily hold cards, your keys obviously, or docs.

Below that, there are two pockets, for your pens,electronics, USB sticks or beauty items. There are two mesh pockets on the same side as well.

On the other side, there is a bigger mesh zip pocket.

On the front of the bag, there is a zippered pocket, for your sunglasses, and two additional on each side.

On the side of the bag, there are two water bottle pockets.

The back of the backpack has extra padding, with a spine channel.

It’s a great bag, but it’s not water repellent, which is a bummer.

Under Armour Hustle II – Awesome Backpack

Under Armour is a pretty famous brand when it comes to sports. They sell various products from rashguards to every kind of clothing you can imagine.

The experience of creating these products can be felt when it comes to their women’s laptop backpack as well.

This awesome backpack is made of a water-resistant, element battling UA storm fabric, that will keep your gear safe, even in heavy rain.

There are two mesh pockets on each side, that are great to keep your drinks in. These can hold an average sized water bottle, but nothing too big.

With the two water bottle pockets on the side, there are 5 in total on the outside. There is a bigger space , what opens up with a zip. This is an organization pocket, it gives you even more! There are two additional holes in it, for your beauty items.

There are two additional pockets as well, one for your glasses, and one for your keys, and cards or cables.

The main part of the Hustle II is very roomy, and it is very easy to clean. The laptop pocket is padded and can hold any laptop up to fifteen inches.

There is a carrying handle on the top, and the shoulder straps of the bag are completely adjustable!

Overall, this backpack is great for school, or travel , although it could have been a little bigger.

Kipling Seoul Solid – Cute and Pretty Laptop Bag

Our first contender, the Kipling Seoul Solid is true to its name. It’s really solid and compact, making it a really nice bag for travel, taking your everyday stuff to school, or bring papers and your laptop to work.

The Seoul Solid comes in a lot of colors. More than you can count. There are currently 36 colors you can choose out of on Amazon, and there will be probably more.

The fabric of this laptop backpack is nylon without lining, like for most of the rucksacks. This makes the Seoul Solid very durable, and mostly waterproof. I wouldn’t recommend going diving with it, while seventeen sharks are trying to take a bite out of you, but you won’t have any problem if you get caught in the rain.

Despite it being small and compact, the Kipling Seoul Solid has a ton of room for your stuff! It has a dedicated laptop compartment, which can easily hold your 15″ inch laptop or notebook. The laptop sleeve is cushioned on the bottom and the sides as well, to make sure your precious does not get hurt.

It has three pockets on the inside and three on the outside, and a water bottle holder sleeve on the left side. The shoulder straps of the bag are cushioned but don’t expect too much, it’s a very lightweight bag, so there wasn’t a lot of space to add a ton of padding on the bag.

If you are looking for a laptop backpack that can carry your laptop and some books for college maybe, this is the right one.

Although it’s a pretty compact and nice bag, and can fit a lot of stuff, I don’t recommend fully packing it, because the zip can unzip itself when it’s fully packed and there no worse thing than losing or picking up your stuff because they have fallen out.

If you are into gaming, you should check out my list of the top 10 mmo mouse in 2018 as well!

Looking for a decent machine that you can carry with yourself? Got the bag, but hate using your old and slow laptop? Don’t worry the geeks at tibco will help you out! Check out the 17 inch laptops on Tibco now and see what we think about the most recent laptops on the market!

How to find the right 17″ laptop backpack to buy

If you are someone that travels a lot for work or pleasure, you are likely going to find the need to bring your laptop with you at some point. Bringing a laptop can be a hassle considering the effort it takes to get the laptop out of your bag and back in it while going through security. Choosing the best backpack to carry your 17 inch laptop in is not an easy task. Because of this, a lot of laptop bag manufacturers have made laptop bags and backpacks. Thus, you might be interested in purchasing one to make your trip easier. Below, we will be going over some of the key tips for finding the top laptop backpack to purchase.

1. Size

The main thing that you are likely going to be considering when you are looking to make a purchase of a laptop backpack would be the size of the bag. This is going to be very important for multiple reasons. Not only are you likely going to have specific requirements based on how big your laptop is, to begin with, but it is likely going to be determined by how big you want the bag to be based on portability as well. Once you have determined the right size of the bag, you can move onto other factors.

2. Price

Another major thing that is likely going to dictate what bag you end up purchasing is the price of the bag that you are considering getting. Ideally, you want to find a bag that fits well within your budget and price range. That way, you will be able to find a bag that is going to be something that you can afford and something that is not going to break the bank. Along with this, you want to find the bag that is going to provide the most ‘bang for your buck.’

3. Reviews

When you are searching for your options, you should look closely at the reviews that each backpack is getting from previous customers. By doing this, you should be able to see what bags are worth purchasing and what bags might not live up to the hype. You want to really look at individual reviews whenever making a purchase like this because you can generally get great information that you can use to make better purchasing decisions such as information on usability, functionality, durability, and more. Because people generally talk about their individual experiences, you should be able to use the information that you are able to gather to make a better purchasing decision.

4. Materials

Another thing that you will want to at least consider when you are trying to pick and choose the right backpack to purchase would be the material make up of the bag that you are looking at. By considering the material make up of the bag, you will be able to get a good read on whether or not the bag is going to be worth purchasing or if it is not going to be able to handle the trips you typically go on.

5. Warranty

Whenever buying a backpack or a laptop bag for travel, you always want to factor in the warranty because you never know when the bag is going to have problems with it. Some bags are simply not built to last. Thus, you want to be sure that you are going to be fully covered with a good warranty if the bag you end up purchasing is one that is not built for the long haul. While a warranty is certainly not as good as getting a high quality and indestructible bag, to begin with, it is going to be a great way to protect your purchase.

By following the tips above and narrowing down your options based on the criteria above, you should be able to figure out what bag is going to be best to purchase for your specific needs. You want to really look at the different bags and determine which bags offer you the best value for your money in order to make the right purchasing decisions. You should be able to find the right bag to purchase using this criterion.

Now that you got the perfect laptop backpack, its time to choose a laptop that goes with it. After all, what is a laptop backpack without a laptop? Maybe you have an older machine that you want to replace, or just want to simply buy one? Check out Tibco’s 17 inch laptop list.