If you are a PC gamer, you’ve probably spent marathon length sessions, or even entire weekends, working skillfully and steadily to take out whatever invader, zombie, squadron, etc. is being thrown at you.

And, you probably know that spending all that time at your computer can eventually lead to ergonomic problems that can range anywhere from mild discomfort to actual pain.  If you have been doing this with a regular mouse, you may not be aware of what you’re missing.

Do I Really Need a Gaming Mouse?

First, a word on gaming mice for those new to that world.  A gaming mouse comes with specific characteristics such as extra macro keys and higher dpi settings. These help in improving your gaming experience and performance.  And, there are a lot of choices out there!

No matter what you are trying to accomplish in your current foray into the latest craze, you should be able to find a mouse that suits your needs.

A gaming mouse is a must-have for all serious gamers. And, while it may take an adjustment period to get used to all the new options, once you’re there, the possibilities are endless.

Back to the Question of Ergonomics

Fortunately, if you’ve made the leap, and investment, of purchasing a gaming mouse, you’ve probably already solved your hand ergonomic issues.  Comfort is a key factor taken into consideration when designing and building a gaming mouse. It is typically ergonomically designed to fit in the palm and provide comfort while playing for the many hours it takes for you and your friends to lay siege.

But, what if the pain and discomfort still persist?  Very often, the reason a person continues to feel these symptoms is fairly easy to pinpoint and it begs the question, how big are your hands?  If you answer that your hands are on the smaller side, you may have diagnosed the problem.

So, if painful surgery isn’t on your bucket list of experiences you want to have before you die, you may need to up your gaming ergonomics routine with a gaming mouse designed for small hands.

Gaming Mouse for Small Hands

Thanks to the tireless research of your fellow gamers, there is an enormous amount of info on the web about the best options for gamers with smaller hands. Here is a list gleaned together from various sources that will hopefully help you find the right fit.

  • CM Storm Spawn
  • CM Storm Xornet
  • HAVIT HV-MS976GT 2.4GHz Wireless
  • Logitech G502 Proteus Core
  • Logitech G302 Daedalus Prime MOBA
  • Redimp GM200 RGB Ambidextrous
  • Razer Abyssus
  • Razer Diamondback – Chroma Ambidextrous
  • Roccat Kone Pure Optical
  • Roccat Savu
  • TechNet Pro#4 Corsair M65 Pro
  • Tecknet Ultimate Professional Wired Optical PC
  • Zowie FK1

Picking the right gaming mouse to fit your needs may take some time.  Everyone’s hands are different.  There will never be an end all be all option to rule them all. Hopefully, though, you will find an mmo gaming mouse for small hands that gives you the ergonomics and leverage for successful and satisfying game play.

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