The screen size is one of the most important considerations when people are shopping for new laptop. It makes sense considering the fact that people spend a lot of time staring at the screen of the laptop, which is why it is so important to pick the right one. What makes a laptop screen too small or too big and what are the best laptop screen sizes for various tasks?

Here is a brief look at the benefits and strengths of different laptop screen sizes:

11-Inch and Smaller Laptop Screens

11-inch and smaller laptops are ideal for portability. The devices are quite easy to carry with you wherever you go, but the size of the screen can significantly limit productivity especially when it comes to detailed tasks that require checking many different things on the screen at the same time. They are also usually slower devices since the manufacturers of the hardware focus on packing in compact but slower hardware into them.

13-Inch Laptop Screens

The 13-inch screens are just slightly smaller than the 15-inch screens but are still as powerful as the rest. However, they usually come with a slightly smaller package that’s more portable. The 13-inch screen laptops are ideal for those looking for portable yet powerful devices.

15-Inch Laptop Screens

The 15-inch laptop screen is the middle of the road when it comes to laptop screen sizes. It is a good size for those that need some portability as well as sufficient room to see exactly what they are doing. The 15-inch screen is in many ways the standard size today and this has been the case for a while now. If you require a more balanced approach to the laptop, the 15-inch screen is your best bet.

17-Inch Screens

While you can still find a few laptops out there with screens larger than 17-inches, the largest screens you will find are the 17-inch screens, for the most part. The screens are ideal for users that need to see a lot on the display at once and are even better for those thinking of buying gaming laptops. However, the laptops are often bulky and heavy, which makes their portability considerably less than is desirable for a laptop.

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How Do You Choose the Right One?

Picking the right size of the laptop screen is often the hardest part. The best advice would be to consider how you intend to use it. Do you prefer having a lot of room for doing your work or is a smaller device that’s easier to carry more preferable? Depending on your needs, you can easily select the most suitable screen size for your needs. Also, don’t forget to take into consideration how much your laptop could be worth, a few years after you buy it.

The Bottom Line

Laptops come in all shapes and sizes today, but it can be hard to choose the right one. The important thing is to evaluate your needs carefully and weigh this against the different laptop screen sizes. Now that you have a basic understanding of which options work best in a different scenario, you are in a better position to make the right decision.

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