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About Tibco blogs

Hey there! Let me intreduce myself, my name is Thomas Tibco and I am the owner of Tibco blogs. The idea of Tibco blogs came to life when I was helping my friend choose the best 17 inch laptop online. As i was searching around the internet for more details, I noticed there wasn’t any website that made a list of the best laptops or any technology related products. On the other hand, I got a little tired of every person close to me asking me for recommendations 😉 .

That is when I decided to launch Tibco Blogs. At first, it was only a website for family and friends, but as the number of reviews grew, so did the traffic on the website, and I decided to join the Amazon Affiliate Program.

After I couldn’t handle the website alone, a great friend of mine who is a writer, Greg, joined my team.

Our goal is to provide authentical, real reviews of products. You will not read only “good” reviews on this website. We point out the goods and bads of each any every product, no matter if we were hired to write a review or we done it on our own.

We hope our reviews will help you choose the best products.

The best tech reviews

We want to make this website/blog to be the final destination where you arrive when you are researching products. We create top 10, best lists to help you choose more easily. We always choose the products in a way that we can include at least one premium, and one budget product.

Please make sure to take a look at our current reviews and tell you friends if you found something useful! If you want to contact us, just simply click here!

Thomas Tibco

My obsession in taking things apart and putting them back together started when i was a kid and i immediately fell in love with technology. I love reviewing stuff, plus I love getting free stuff from companies. Want to read before you buy? You are at the right place..

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