If you are in the market for a “new” used laptop or if you are trying to get rid of one, it’s important to know the value of your laptop. Many contributing factors determine what your laptop is worth. With technology constantly changing it’s important to know what your laptop is worth.

In this guide, the questions of what is my laptop worth and how to tell what your laptop is worth will be answered.

How to tell what your laptop is worth?

The first thing you need to do when determining the value of your laptop is to know the precise details about the specifications of your laptop. This information can be found in the manual or the computer itself.

Most important specifications

The following specifications can be found under the About tab in the system settings of a Windows-based laptop, or under the About My Mac tab on a Macbook.

* Manufacturer name * Model * Processing speed and processor type- single-core processes are slower and less valuable than those with multiple cores. * Hard drive size * Total and type of RAM * Storage capacity * Display size and type

* Video card

Determining the value

Once you have determined the most important specifications, you can begin to determine the value based on other factors of the laptop. This includes the type of laptop that you have, the software installed, age, condition, and the accessories that are included with the laptop.

What you should know

* Parts of your laptop run on a cycle so it could be worth making a few modifications after every cycle. * Hard drive space and CPU configurations of your laptop change every 12-24 months * The value of your laptop decreases about 30% each year without modifications * Lighter laptops hold more value than heavier ones. They tend to be more advanced and have higher quality materials than the heavier laptops. There are some exceptions to this.

* The formula used to calculate the value of your laptop + (hardware+software)- damages+ accessories and upgrades.

What type of laptop do you have?

The brand and specifications of your laptop combined can make or break the value of your laptop. If you have a Dell, HP, ASUS, or Apple have higher resale values because of their branding and performance. Gaming laptops, like some of the best 17-inch laptops and high-performance laptops, hold value because of the high-value hardware included in the performance components of the laptop.

Age plays a part in the value of your laptop

The older the laptop is the less it is worth unless there have been upgrades to the RAM or hard drive. One thing that tends to show the age of the computer is the battery, older laptops tend to have a weaker battery which will reduce the resale value of your laptop because replacing them costs almost as much as the value of the laptop. Another thing to remember is that the older the laptop is, the more compromised the condition of the laptop will be.

What condition is your laptop in?

As previously mentioned, the age of your laptop can compromise the condition of the laptop. Unless your laptop has been in a protective sleeve since you have owned it, it has probably inherited a few minor dents and scratches which will reduce the value of your laptop. Things to make note of that could lower the value of the laptop, include damages to the screen, body, or display. You also want to look for water damage and damages due to environmental exposures such as smoke, or moisture. Depending on the type of laptop that you have, these damages can reduce the value by hundreds of dollars.

Software is as important as hardware

You may not realize it, but the software that you have on your laptop can be of as much value as the hardware. When you are confirming the specifications of your laptop, make a note of the software that it contains. Full sets or licensed copies of certain programs can add more value to your laptop, especially if you still have the installation discs.


Accessories can make a minor difference in the resale value amount for your laptop. This includes things like a wireless keyboard or mouse. It can increase the value of your laptop by $10-$30.

What is my laptop worth?

Now let’s put all the information together to determine the value of your laptop.

* I3 processors are typically worth $20 to $100. * I5 processors can have a value between $100-$500.

* I7 processors on the low end can value at $300 and on the high end be worth $1500.

The condition, storage capacity, and processing speed can increase or decrease those figures by 15% -30%.

Tools and resources

Some online tools and websites will help you to determine the value of your laptop by providing the information that you have obtained about the specifications of your laptop. You can also go to the website of the manufacturer of your laptop and obtain the value of your laptop from the support portal.

You can also research the value of your laptop by going to sites like eBay or Craigslist and finding similar laptops to find the fair market value of your laptop. You need to keep in mind that any upgrades that have been done to the laptop can affect the overall value of your machine.

There are many appraisal tools that you can find online that will help you determine the value. The amount that your laptop is appraised at is a ballpark figure. The condition of your laptop and the geographic location can increase or decrease the value.

Some experts suggest pricing the components of your laptop if you are unable to locate an exact match.

Bottom line

This guide should have provided you with basic guidelines to answer the question of how to tell what your laptop is worth. Remember just because computers depreciate faster than anything else you may own, it doesn’t mean you can’t increase the value. Making a few upgrades to an old laptop can have more value than a new laptop.

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