What Does The DPI Button On a Mouse Do?

Dots per inch (DPI) is a measurement that defines the overall sensitivity of the mouse you are using. The higher you set the DPI of the mouse, the faster your cursor will move. A mouse with more DPI settings identifies and acts to smaller movements.

However, higher DPI doesn’t always mean that it will always better. You certainly don’t want the cursor of the mouse to move across all the way to the screen when you move the mouse slightly. A higher DPI, on the other hand, helps the mouse identify and act to small movements so that you can point at a particular thing more accurately.

DPI and the simple mouse sensitivity are two different things. DPI denotes a mouse’s hardware capabilities, the sensitivity, on the other hand, is just a set of the software. If you want to point on a small target, the cursor will jump across as you move the mouse. The hardware of the mouse is not that sensitive, this is why it doesn’t identify the smaller movements. The operating system of your device compensates that by sliding the cursor further when it identifies the movement, but the movement isn’t just smooth.

Does the DPI of a mouse matter in Gaming?

Today every mouse comes with a minimum of 1600 DPI which is great for a normal screen. If you have higher DPI than this then it will be hard for you to control the mouse. However, if you have got a high pixel-density screen like Mac Retina screen along with 300 pixels per inch, then you might want a mouse with higher DPI. First-person-shooter gamers generally need low DPI mouse probably as low as 800 DPI. This allows precise movement control of the mouse.

Gamers of Low-DPI generally use a big mouse pad. The width of the mousepad is generally similar to the keyboard. So, they move their arm to use the mouse with low DPI.

For example, if you are playing with a mouse for MMO games, you normally don’t need that high of a DPI, then you would need when playing an FPS game.

How To Change the DPI of a mouse?

Changing DPI means you can directly change the speed of the pointer to efficiently do your particular tasks like photo editing or gaming. Higher the DPI number faster will be the speed of the pointer. Some mouse models come with separate buttons that will help you instantly change the DPI of the mouse. If you want to change the sensitivity of a mouse, then you should look for an option in the software or the game you are using.

Steps to change the DPI settings of the mouse

  1. If the mouse has a dedicated DPI button, press one of the buttons to get a new setting. Some mouse will change colors, some will just simply make the change.
  2. For a mouse that doesn’t have dedicated DPI button on it, you should be able to set the

Which laptop suits you the best?

One of the biggest decisions you will need to make when you are looking to purchase a new computer would be whether you are going to be opting for a Windows PC or a Macbook. There are a lot of things that you should be considering when you are choosing between the two. Below, we will talk about some of the key things that you might want to be looking at when choosing.

Let’s look at some Mac vs PC pros and cons!

1. Cost.

Typically, you will find a majority of the Windows-powered PCs and machines much cheaper than similar Mac desktops and laptops. While there are a lot of premium Windows machines, you have a much greater range to choose from which is beneficial for those that are looking for low budget options. With Mac, you are likely going to be paying a premium for similar devices according to specifications. Some people refer to this as the “Apple Tax.” Because of this, it might swing you to the Windows side of things as you will generally get much more power for your money.

Winner: Windows.

2. Versatility.

Microsoft has managed to surpass Apple when it comes to versatility and design. With Windows Surface 2 in 1 hybrid devices, you can now get a full tablet experience with laptop type specifications. The versatility that Windows-based devices offer is simply unmatched when it comes to hybrid devices. While you could opt for a similar type of device from Apple with their iPad Pro, you are not going to get nearly the same experience given one is running iOS and one is running a full version of Windows 10.

Winner: Windows.

3. Ecosystem.

When it comes to investing in Apple devices, you are going to end up getting a closed ecosystem that tends to be much safer than the open environment you would find on Windows. Because Apple has such a stringent quality control measure in place for its App Store, you are going to find less rogue apps, malware, and viruses present. At the same time, a lot of this has to do with the abundance of Windows PC machines out on the market versus the tiny market share Apple has in comparison. With Windows, you will find a much more open ecosystem which can be good in terms of development, but it also can be bad considering the lack of quality control measures in place and the abundance of malware and/or viruses present.

Winner: Tie.

4. Gaming.

If you are looking to invest in a laptop or desktop that you are planning on gaming with, there is no competition. Hardcore gamers are going to want to stick with Windows-based PCs because they offer a lot of customization. However, the biggest reason people that play games should stick with Windows-based PC’s is that a majority of the games will only support Windows and not Mac OSX. Because of this, you are only going to be able to play certain games on Windows-based machines. While you could use a software like Bootcamp to boot into Windows 10 to play these games, a majority of Mac machines are severely underpowered when it comes to gaming because that is not Apple’s target market with its devices.

Winner: Windows.

5. Support.

There is no denying that you are going to get increased support when you purchase Apple products. Microsoft does not compare in the support department. With Apple, you know that you can visit an Apple Genius bar to get any question you need to be answered or any problem solved.

Winner: Apple/Mac.

6. Design.

Apple previously would have had this category locked down easy. However, Microsoft has made tremendous strides in the design department and not only do they have incredibly versatile options available on the marketplace now, but they also have incredibly good looking designs on the marketplace including both their Surface Pro line and their Surface Book line. Along with this, they have an entire range of partner manufacturers that make their own versions of Windows laptops and desktops. With that being said, having different manufacturers making different Windows-based devices leads to unoptimized experiences across the board.

Mac or Windows for College?

If you are leaving for college, this question most certainly came up in your mind. Which one should you get for college a nice looking, smaller mac or a Windows laptop? Well, it depends what kind of work are you trying to do on the laptop, and how much are you trying to achieve with it.

If you want to do very workload heavy tasks like image/video edition, you should probably go with a resourceful windows laptop. If you only want to edit documents, browse the web, a mac will be perfect for you.

Keep in mind as well, that you can’t really do any serious gaming with a macbook.

Mac vs PC For Video Editing?

If you do things like video/image editing, I really recommend getting a laptop with a bigger screen. You can check out the Tibco 17 inch laptop list, and choose from there.  You can edit videos with a Mac, but because of the limited resources, rendering a video will not be as fast as on a PC.

Mac or PC for Programming?

Programming can be done on both. If you are planning on writing programs, you can either get a Mac or a PC, but will have enough power to do that task.

The results of our Mac or PC Test:

Winner: Tie.

Pros Of Windows:

1. Cost.

2. Versatility.

3. Open Ecosystem with more choice.

Cons Of Windows:

1. More Viruses and Malware.

2. Less Support.

3. Less Optimized Experience.

Pros Of Mac:

1. Design.

2. Support.

Cons Of Mac:

1. Lack Of Choice.

2. Expensive.

3. Limited Software Including Gaming Limitations.

Overall, choosing between Windows and Mac can be difficult. A lot is going to come down to what you will be using the device for and how you will be using it. Each come with their own Pros and Cons.

Should you play WoW?

World of Warcraft (WoW) is a game that is phenomenal. It has been out for over a decade and yet still millions of people log in every day to play it. However, many wonder whether or not they should get into it or play it in 2018. Below, we will be going over some of the reasons you might want to consider playing WoW in 2018.

Character Progression.

One of the main things that Blizzard nailed when they crafted WoW was the character progression system. Blizzard has continually adapted to make things much more accessible for new players. While some complain about the leveling system early on for newcomers is too easy, Blizzard has made adjustments to make the enemies scale much better. They have a new scaling patch in place which helps to ensure that the enemies that you find are on a completely equal footing with the level that you are in the game. This means that you are not going to have to worry about killing enemies too easy which can make for a boring game and it can also help to ensure that you are not completely taken out of the game due to having too high of a difficulty.

The Story.

Wow is one of the games on the marketplace that really shines in all aspects. While you might assume that a game that has such a long running time might have taken a few steps back in the story department, you would wrong. In fact, WoW has one of the best stories that you will find in a video game. Not only is the story and world fascinating, but it has over 2 decades of lore to go along with it. This means that if you get into the game now for the first time in 2018, you are in for an incredibly immersive and deep narrative that you simply cannot and will not find in another game. Also, if you are not necessarily into completely daunting gameplay experiences to get through great stories, WoW might be for you as it happens to be very easy to progress through it. While this might not necessarily be a selling point for hardcore gamers, those that haven’t yet played WoW are most likely newcomers to gaming as a whole or those that might simply want to experience the story without the stress that goes along with it.

Now that we have gone over some of the different reasons you might want to get into WoW in 2018, we will be going over some of the things that you will need to consider prior to purchasing the game.

Computer Requirements of WoW:

1. Is Your Computer Up To Date?

The main thing that you are going to want to consider is the hardware and software requirements involved with playing the game. Luckily, WoW is one of the most optimized experiences that you will find on the PC. Because of this, you should be able to run the game effortlessly as long as you have a computer that was built or purchased in the past 8 years. The game does require Windows 7 or later in order to run. Therefore, you will need to have either Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10 in order to play the game. Also make your sure a good mouse, if you cant choose, just check out the best mmo gaming mouse.

2. Buying WoW.

Once you have established that your computer can run the game properly, you are going to want to purchase the game. WoW is a game that can be very confusing to purchase because you are not necessarily going to have one single option to choose from. Instead, you will have all kinds of options including only purchasing the base game or the expansion packs alongside it. If you are completely sold on the game, you are likely going to want to go full in and purchase the base game along with all of the expansions. However, if you are still looking to test the waters, you might be better off purchasing the base game for a low price to see if you are interested in exploring the world further later on. While you will be spending more money by purchasing everything separately, you do want to be sure that you like the game prior to purchasing the entire collection.

Overall, there is a lot to consider when it comes to getting into WoW in 2018. The truth is, the story is excellent and the gameplay is never-ending. You can literally play WoW for hours and not run out of things to do. However, the game isn’t without its flaws. It might be ‘too easy’ for some and the leveling system was sort of broken for newcomers prior to their level scaling patch that they released in the last year or so. With that being said, it remains one of the best games available on the marketplace. If you are planning on playing the game, make sure you have a machine that can run it. A gaming 17 inch laptop should to the job, but if you want high FPS, invest in a desktop asap.

Asus F555LA-AB31 15.6 inch Full HD Laptop Benchmark and Review

If you are looking for a laptop that has a decent price tag, looks good, runs older games and some light gaming, and can handle any office work well, then the Asus F555LA is going to be a pretty solid choice for you. The notebook offers a FULL HD 1080p 15.6 inch screen with decent color accuracy, good speakers. It comes with a pre-installed Windows 10 Home OS, an Intel Core I3 processor, Intel 5500 GPU, 4GB of RAM, and 500 GB of storage.

It is an excellent choice if you are looking for a desktop replacement, and although the Intel Core I3-5010u processor isn’t that powerful, with the Intel HD Graphics 5500 GPU this laptop can do some serious work. The main setbacks of this laptop is the lack of touchscreen and SSD, but if you are a little tech savvy, or know someone who is, you can upgrade the memory to 8gb and put an SSD in this laptop, which will make it even faster.

The GPU in this Asus laptop is better than we expected, and while with its standard specification, it is a great working computer, if you manage to upgrade it, it is going to blow your mind.

Design – The Asus F555LA is pretty

The Asus F555LA-AB31 laptop has a very sleek design. The biggest problem that many people face when it comes to good looking and shiny laptops, that they are fingerprint magnets. Asus managed to solve that with something they call “concentric circle cover finish”. We have tested this out, and it really works. Although the cover can still be scratched, smudges and fingerprints don’t show at all.

I’m not going to say that the laptop is super light, because it is not. It’s 5.1 pounds, so it’s a little heavier than the usual models on the market, but it’s nothing too bad. I mean, it is not going to rip your arms off, or be hard to pick up like Thor’s hammer. The dimensions of the F555LA-AB31 are 10.1 x 15 x 1 (LWH) inches, so it is thin comparing to other models like the HP Pavilion G6.

Although it may not fit in smaller bags, the elegant look is going to make up for that. You can carry it to work, meetings, without feeling uncomfortable.


This is the biggest advantage of the Asus F555LA-AB31 laptop. We have a 15.6 inch display which is Full HD (Maximum Resolution is 1920 by 1080), with great color accuracy and vibrant colors. It’s got a matte display, which eliminates any screen glare, giving you a better viewing experience. Personally, I don’t like glossy screens, so this was a big plus for me. If you would like to do some gaming, this display is good for that.

We got to admit that, in this price range, you are not going to find a laptop that offers this great resolution and features. Thanks to the Full HD display, you can browse the web, edit pictures or videos, or simply watch Full HD movies.

Although it is big, it isn’t that bright to be honest. At max brightness, I found it a bit dim, and the viewing angles aren’t that great either, but because we are not talking about an IPS panel, it’s understandable.


When I first heard the quality of the speakers in the laptop, it blew my mind. To be honest, just like with every budget computer, I was expecting a speaker that sounds like a mobile speaker with bad mids and lows. The Asus SonicMaster speakers are absolutely amazing compared to what you get with a similar laptop in this price range. The mids and lows are all noticable, although the bass is not that great, but what could you expect?

It comes with an audio software called ICEpower AudioWizard, which helps you switch between several audio modes like gaming, movie, recording. This comes in handy.


The Asus F555LA-AB31 has a non-backlit keyboard, and it is comfortable, but not the highest quality. Because my hands are pretty big, I don’t like typing on notebook keyboards, but the laptops keyboard felt a little bouncy. Its got a numpad as well, which is great if you are working in Excel.

We’ve got a big touchpad, with the two standard buttons, and gesture recognition. I liked the touchpad a lot.

Other Features (Webcam, Ports, Noise)

The Asus laptop has got more than enough ports, more than you usually get with laptops in this price range. On the left side, you can find the power port, a VGA and HDMI port, the Ethernet jack, and two USB 3.0. On the right side there is a SD card reader, two USB 2.0 and an optical dvd drive.

The webcam is an HD camera, which has an above avarage quality. It is good for Skyping, but wouldn’t use it for taking photos of yourself or for anything else, since it takes blurry images and videos.

Thanks to the ASUS IceCool Technology, the laptop stays cool under heavy load. Temperatures never exceeded 90 degrees, and the noise of the fan wasn’t that loud and they kept the i3-5010u ice cold.

Performance – As you would expect from an Asus laptop

Finally, we are at the part of the review, what most people are excited about! How does this laptop hold up, under heavy load? Can you do some serious gaming? How many software can you simultaneously run? According to analytics, this is the review that most people spend time looking while reading reviews of laptops.

We tested the laptop without upgrading it, so all of the test results are with the basic preferences. Storage wise, it comes with a 500GB HDD.

Let’s be honest. With 4GB of RAM, and a Core i3-5010u processor, you can’t run any games on high or ultra and do serious gaming, or have seventeen million Chrome tabs open. BUT, you can easily do multitasking, like switching between tabs, applications.

We have tested how many Chrome tabs can it possibly handle while running Office, and the highest number was 8. After that, the system got slower, that is because Chrome loves RAM.

The GPU can handle any 1080P movie or video, without throttling. We tested running Visual Studio, and Sony Vegas, and although the rendering times in Vegas wasn’t the shortest, it could handle it.

Now, this laptop can run older games flawlessly, while maintaining a steady 30 FPS, but it is not really a gaming laptop. Battlefield 4 was no problem, and we could run Call of Duty 2 as well. CS:GO had 70-80 FPS on the lowest graphics settings. The Intel HD Graphics couldn’t handle more.

Newer ones? Well, not so much. Although the GPU is a good budget graphics card, we can’t expect that much from an integrated chip. For optimized ones, we tried running them on low settings, but it wasn’t performing very good. But, it doesn’t have problem running Windows 10 and having several softwares open.

Battery Life

The battery life is quite impressive giving that it is a budget computer, but the other models in this category have better battery life than the Asus F555LA-AB31. Of course, the time you can get out of the battery is a matter of what are you going to use the laptop for. In this review, we have used the laptop as much as we could, to test it out. On average, the battery can power the notebook for about 4 – 4,5 hours. With extensive use, this can get to 3 hours, but this is if you really use the computer, running several tabs, gaming, watching a movie or youtube video.

Conclusion of the Asus F555LA-AB31 review

The Asus F555LA-AB31 is a great choice, if you are looking to replace your desktop computer. It is a budget laptop, but has above-average specifiations, like the display and the speaker quality. For editing text, browsing on the web, watching movies it can easily stand it’s ground, but if you upgrade it with an SSD, and more RAM, you will definitely have a portable computer that can handle video editing softwares and since it has a Full HD display, it’s completely suited for it.

If you are looking for something with better performance,check out these 17 inch gaming laptops by Tibco.