Laptop backpacks are very important for those who own laptops as they make it easy to transport laptops, serves as protection for laptops and stores laptops. However, a laptop backpack should be well taken care of so that it can last for a longer period. This is why it is a good idea to know how to wash your laptop backpack.

Learning how to wash your laptop backpack is important as dirt, dust and bacteria can accumulate in and around your bag after years of use. Additionally, stains from food residue and accidental spills of liquids could also make the laptop backpack look unsightly.

At times, an unclean laptop backpack can emit a sour odor and lead to discoloration. Do you want to save on costs for taking your backpack to the laundry while at the same time have an attractive backpack that you can carry it everywhere you go? If the answer is a big yes, then it is good that you learn how to wash your own laptop backpack. Make sure you buy a premium quality 17 inch laptop backpack, because it will be easier to clean.

What you need to wash your laptop backpack

Old toothbrush or rag

If your backpack has stains that are visible and unsightly, then it may be a good idea to use some form of light abrasion to remove the stains. A rough rag or old toothbrush can be a good option. Avoid using bathroom brushes or those brushes with metal bristles or tight plastic because they could damage the upper layer of your backpack.

Mild detergent

Those who want to remove stains from a cloth or cloth-like material should look for a surfactant in the form of detergent. This is mainly because of the fact that plain water cannot remove stains effectively. However, using harsher types of detergents could end up bleeding out the color of your backpack. Therefore, it is good to look for detergents that have a color friendly formula to avoid any discolorations.

Washing machine

Despite the fact that laptop backpacks can be washed by hand, it is also possible to use a machine wash unless the backpack’s tags indicated otherwise. A washing machine can make the process of washing more convenient. However, there are certain precautions that you should observe when using a washing machine.

Manual washing your Laptop Backpack

Empty all the contents

Before soaking your backpack in water, take out all the contents especially small electronic devices such as phone chargers, pens, papers and so on. Also, remember to remove detachable straps and pockets.

Brush off dirt, dust, and loose threads

Before you soak your backpack in water, look for any loose surface dirt and if there is any dust them off. Doing this will ensure that the water is as clean as possible. After dusting off the dirt, wipe off any stubborn dirt using a rag. If there are any loose threads hanging, especially near the seams, cut them using a pair of scissors. Avoid tugging them.

Add detergent- water mix to stains

If there are any stubborn stains caused by rust, food or drinks, then ensure that this area is pre-treated. This can be done by mixing equal parts of detergent and water and then scrubbing the residue using a soft brush. Let it sit for 30 minutes as most of these would further fade with the bag. Make sure you use environment-friendly detergent.

Fill a large basin or pale with lukewarm water

Lukewarm water can remove tough stains and this is why it is a good idea to use it to clean your laptop backpack. However, you should avoid using hot water as it may make the color bleed out. Also, remember to take caution for this step since some bags should not be soaked. Ensure that the label indicates that the backpack can be soaked before soaking it in lukewarm water.

Wash the backpack

Washing a laptop backpack involves submerging it if it is permissible and adding some mild soap. Scrub the pre-treated area for the second time using the same toothbrush you used earlier. However, avoid overdoing this step and instead stop after all the stains have been fully removed.

Rinse thoroughly

The next step is to take out all residues foam soap and detergent. To do this, you will have to soak your backpack in a basin or pail or fresh water. You can use a body towel to rinse a lot of water by wrapping the bag in it and pressing it lightly.

Hang it out to dry

It is good to let your backpack dry the natural way. Keep the bag unzipped and ensure that it hangs upside down. This allows the water to dry up.

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