Many of you may ask, why are skydiving games so exciting, when you can literally pay a few hundred dollars for the experience in real life?

It is called many things, skydiving, parachuting, paratrooping, or in other languages, tandemugrásnak hívják !

Well, basically there are two reasons why this can happen. The first is that there are many people who are afraid of height, or jumping out of a big ass plane, above the ground.

The second is, that it does not cost as that much, you can play it from home, and it basically stimulates the same part of your braind, which gives you adrenaline, if you choose the right game.

There is one particular way that can give you the best experience you have ever had in skydiving games, is using a VR headset. Most of these games are VR Friendly, and once you put your virtual reality googles on, you will feel like a real paratrooper on a mission.

What are the best games?

With GTA V released, there has been a huge gap filled in the industry in skydiving games. Since Rockstars immersive gameplay mechanic inspired us we have decided to list a few games, compare them, and see what is best in all of them. If you have played a many of these games, they are not the best, most of them are not even enjoyable. That is why there are big budget games, that are not specifically sky diver games, but since these are mostly open world, they have got the feature as a plus. These are mostly used in single player games, when doing a mission, but once you have done that mission, you can freely do it anytime you want. There are even modded GTA 5 servers, where you compete against other skydivers, for virtual money. The first one that gets into the final circle wins. Lets start with the game we have mentioned several times, GTA 5.

Why is GTA 5 the best in terms of Sky Diving?

The GTA series is really the msot attacked game in the virtual game history ever. The game itself and rockstar as well has seen protesers, who tried to ban sales, and furious parents who did not agree with the so called brutality in the game. The things is, the game is only brutal if you make it to be. You don’t necesseraly have to kill people, or drive over anybody unless you are in a mission, and there are a handfull of those. But anyway, who cares really? Kids see more violence in movies and TV shows as they see in GTA. The first instance where you could parachute was in GTA: San Andreas. Man, that game was a real deal changer! As fast as it came, it left as fast, because it was not avalaible in GTA IV for some reason. After Rockstar have came to the conclusion, that people really missed the skydiving in the game, in the expansion called “THe Ballad Of Gay Tony”, they reintroduced the feature to the game.

Another great example is Saints Row

Again, a game that is not aimed at kids, but the maturer audience, offers the ability to jump from very high building from your couch. The feature of sky diving and parachuting came in the second game, but the real deal was in Saints Row 3, where it became really fun, thanks to the new engine. In Saints Row, you can set a target where you would like to land, and if you manage to land in it, or get fairly close to it,  you can get experience points in game.

But how can you take it to the next level?

Well, i think you already know the answer. Yeah, that is right, by getting up from your couch, and doing the real thing. There are several places that you can do this, it all matters where you live, if you live in the European Union, tandemugrás székesfehérvár can be a great place to start.

If you live in the U.S you will have to check out Waialua, U.S.A.

You can choose height where you want to freefalling from: 12,000, 14,000 or 20,000 feet. In many cases, these companies will photograph you when you are diving, so don’t forget to smile, and enjoy the moment!

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