The first month of the year is coming to a close and all of us are excited about new technologies, inventions, and models of our favorite gadgets “smartphones, smartwatches, and laptops. With so many models available in the market offering different features and unique selling points, should you stick to the current brand of your gadget or explore a new one?

In this article, we look at the top 5 best laptop brands that have marked its name credible, reliable, and innovative in the industry.

1. Apple

Best known for its sleek design and simple operation, Apple laptops give any working person everything he or she needs to make productive use of his or her time. Not only does Apple provide style and function, they also keep their laptops and operating system protected from harmful viruses and allows for easy integration across different Apple devices. Apple laptops tend to cost more in the price range, but most users said that the money invested is worth it.

2. Dell

Dell is best known for its wide selection of laptop models that offer value and versatility. Dell’s latest product line features a structural design that is easy to carry around, ultra lightweight and has a powerful operating system. Other than that, Dell laptops are known to have a long working life.

3. Asus

Coming up third is Asus. Asus offers sleeker, lighter, and extra-reliable laptops for a more affordable price. Its product line consists of an extensive size range so if you want a small, lightweight, but powerful laptop or a heavy-duty, extra powerful one, Asus is a good place to start scouting for the laptop that would best suit your taste.

4. HP

HP is best known to provide laptops that are practical for use in work and school. In recent product line offerings of HP, they have provided faster and more powerful laptops that are competent to do a job well done. In the price spectrum, HP rests on the more affordable side, which makes it a great choice for practical businessmen or company laptops.

5. MSI

Best known for gaming use, MSI has all gaming features you would probably want your laptop to have. MSI continues to innovate their laptops to have cutting edge designs that have off-the-hook gaming ability. If you need a laptop solely for business or school use, MSI is not the laptop for you. But if you are a hardcore gamer or possibly a career person who likes to play RPG games, MSI may be the perfect investment. With its heavy-duty design and structure, and powerful hardware, MSI is built especially for the gamer. MSI makes the best 17 inch, strongest laptops in the gaming area.

Choosing a laptop for you to buy is not always an easy decision. Laptops are big-ticket purchases and its functionality can affect your work. These brands offer different features, advantages, and disadvantages. List down the reasons for why you want to buy or upgrade your laptop and see which brand best fits your needs. You can also scout for other brands as the brands listed above are only 5 out of a whole lot.

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