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Who am I, what do I do?

Hi, my name is Thomas Tibco, and I’ve been working as an independent writer since 2004. I was there at the big boom, and I was there when the economy was collapsing so we can tell, that I have seen it all.

Since I’ve been a little kid, I had an undeniable interest in tech, from TV games, like Nintendo 64, to my first computer that was a Commodore. I always like testing things, taking them apart, and as every kid, I couldn’t put them back together, but that is another story!

What is the purpose of this blog?

The very purpose of this blog is to educate its readers. When I was a teenager, we didn’t have that blogs that would tell, what to buy and what to not buy, mainly, because there weren’t that big spectrum of tech products like now, and on the other hand, we had to rely on the mouth to mouth stories. For example if you click here, to see an example of my work.

But since I fell into the trap of buying products that simply suck, I decided, I will try out every product that I am interested in buying, and document the process. SInce then, many manufacturers decided to help my journey, by sending my products, and my only rule for them was that they can’t buy me.

You will never find a review here, that only says good about a product, you will see the pro’s and the con’s of each and every product listed on here, to make sure, you see the full image.

If I am sponsored by someone, or affiliated with a company you will always see in a post, like that I made clear, that I am affiliated with Amazon.

What kind of products do I review?

Well, it is hard to put them under one category, but from the best mmo mouse to the best wireless earbuds I am going to cover everything that grabs my interest. Hell, I might even make an article about the best paper shredders, because I use them a lot in my office, and I had to go through several ones, ’till I found the best. I hope I don’t have to tell you what a burned down motor smells like.

If you are travelling a lot, you might be interested in my list of the best 17 inch backpacks as well.

How often will I post tech reviews?

Well, that really depends on the frequency on the product arrivals, because I only start writing an article, when each and every product is tested out. Some other bloggers may do it differently, but that is how I work, and give you the best quality in my articles.

I can assure you, that there will be at least 1-2 reviews each month, from various categories, to make sure I hit every pain point you guys are having.

My most recent review is about the best microphones for streaming. Since this topic got so popular, I decided to help you guys out!

If you enjoy reading my blog and had a great experience with a product that I reviewed, make sure you share my site with your friends, or on social media! It would mean a lot! Thank you for reading!

It really varies on the time I have. I fly a lot, so it might be two articles or less a month, but I recently published the list of the TOP 5 TSA Friendly Laptop Backpacks, which is really useful.

We recently added a list of the best 17 inch laptops. If you are looking for a 17 inch laptop, you should definately check it out, but consider choosing one that could be worth a lot after a few years!

Update 2018:

As of November, a highly valued team member of ours is going to start his own online journey. Arpad was our SEO manager and he is the top of his game! It was a lovely journey of 5 years and we wish him the best of luck! Go over to his website, Simply Laptop Reviews and check it out! Best of luck Arpad!